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Does Chase Do Personal Loans?

Sadly, Chase doesn’t provide personal loans. But, there are some lenders in the market that can provide you with rates that are the same, if not, better than what Chase might offer. All you have to do is look a bit harder and shop rates.

So why can’t we get chase personal loans?

There could be several factors as to why major banks like Chase doesn’t offer personal or multiple loans anymore. It could be that it’s not as profitable as it was back then or maybe due to the costly regulations that were implemented during the 2008 financial crisis.

Or they could be focusing on their strengths – credit cards, mortgages, car and house loans. One particular strong suit of Chase is the variety of credit cards they offer. With approximately 25 options, you’re bound to get a credit card that will meet your needs.

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Chase Personal Loans

Personal Loan Alternative

Chase may not have a multi-purpose personal loan; they can still provide you with other types of loans for your specific needs such as: 

  1. Auto Loans
  2. Mortgages
  3. Business Loans

You can also take a look at their credit cards if you have other expenses in mind. But as with credit cards, you will be dealing with higher APRs than a typical loan so make sure to keep your expenses to a minimum.

Bottom Line

Chase may not be able to provide you with a personal loan – they have lots of other alternatives that will certainly meet your needs, especially their credit cards. But if you’re open to working with other lenders, there are tons of options for you online.