What ACDS offers?

ACDS offers a wide range of short term loans so we can ensure our customers receive the very best rates best based on their current circumstances. We take all the leg work out of shopping around so our customers don’t have to so they have the peace of mind they will get the best possible rate applying via ACDS.

Apply Now for Fast Payout

We just need some basic information from you and our lenders will make a decision in real-time whether you’ve been accepted for a loan, in a few minutes from now you could have the cash to spend on whatever life has thrown at you.

Bad Credit

Having bad credit isn’t the problem it used to be, so don’t let that put you off applying, here at ACDS we understand everyone’s financial circumstances are different and have chosen a panel of lenders to help with everyone’s financial background.

Benefits of Bank Loans

Low-Interest Rates: Bank loans typically have the lowest interest rates. The interest rates will be lower than those charged by other high-interest loans, such as venture capital. Bank loans, according to Bizfluent, have significantly lower interest rates than credit cards or overdrafts.

Flexibility: When you get a bank loan, you won’t be given a set of rules to follow regarding how you spend the money. While venture capitalists and angel investors will place restrictions on what you can do with the money, bank loans can give you the freedom to spend it however you want. A bank loan can be used to fund the purchase of new equipment, the entry into a new market, or the implementation of a new marketing strategy.

Maintain Control: Getting a loan from a bank does not require you to give up equity. Typically, venture capitalists and angel investors expect you to give them equity or a say in your business. This is true, however, only if you pay your bank bills on time.